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Fiber Lasers / Fibre Lasers

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作为全球工业激光器设计和制造的领头羊,JK Lasers 为客户提供满足其焊接、切割和钻孔要求的最佳解决方案。

JK Lasers 致力于提供高质量的客户服务,还提供专业应用实验室样本处理和售后技术支持。

JK Lasers系列包括光纤激光器、脉冲 Nd:YAG 激光器、二氧化碳激光器和加工工具。


  • “We highly recommend JK Lasers. The JK600HP is highly accurate, enabling us to maintain the stable manufacture of a critical valve under increasing pressure.” Orwin
  • "The JK200FL in our demonstration system has cut more than one million parts and required zero downtime in over three years. It’s spectacular!" Precision Automated Laser Systems (PALS)
  • "We have enjoyed a positive working relationship with JK Lasers for over 20 years. Their lasers have consistently met the needs of our customers." Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI)